Sunday, May 25

Istanbul in Brief

I realize I never wrote about our trip to Istanbul. As assistant softball coach I went with the team for the tournament. We won 2nd place.

The Team

Istanbul seems like a great city to visit. I don't think I could live there though. It's 98% Muslim. This has it's benefits, very little smoking, beautiful mosques throughout the city.

Blue Mosque

And they have a light rail system that looked great.

However, in general women are still in second place there and alcohol is expensive. But we only got 3 hours in the city before we headed out to the school, which is an hour outside the city. Their teachers either live in the city, thus commuting 2 hours a day! Or 15 minutes from the school in the middle of nowhere.

Heading to the field

Also, I am apparently incredibly allergic to it. On Saturday, after taking 3 Claritin in 4 hours, I thought to myself "Can one overdose on this?" After a day on the fields here's what my eyes looked like:

44/365 (self-portrait in a mirror)

As I've already mentioned, the behavior of our students was amazing. Even when getting shut down by the team from Prague, they handled it with grace. As a side note, based on the behavior of the Prague team and coach, I never want to teach there.

Here's my favorite shot. Our amazing short stop:


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Mickey said...

Istanbul's a place I think I want to visit. Nice pictures, as usual, and congratulations again on second place.