Wednesday, August 6

On the way home

I leave tomorrow morning for Nong Khai in Thailand. From there I'll catch the overnight train to Bangkok and then I fly out of there at 11 a.m. back to Moscow via Helsinki.

I'm in a better mood today aided by the fact that I slept for 10 hours having not been able to sleep at all the night of the mugging. I've bicycled into town and saw the police. It appeared that they have done nothing but watched TV since the last time I saw them. They gave me a copy of the report I filled out which I will try to file with the insurance company when I return.

So last update until I make it back to Moscow.

You know what sucks the most, I think this pretty much ruined my picture of the day until I'm 30 project.


1 comment:

Mickey said...

I'm sorry. It'll still be cool to have pictures from most of the days until you're thirty. Keep at it. Don't let the bastards grind you down. Did I just quote U2? Weird.

And good luck with the insurance. I hope that end of things works out somehow.