Saturday, August 30

New 'Do

I went and had a hair cut in Moscow today. I paid about what I would pay in the States for a good haircut and thankfully this was also a good haircut. I was a bit concerned when the stylist told me he had come from the (night) club to the salon without sleeping and then even more when he told me he was only 22, but no need to fear, I got a great haircut. ... Now if only my eyebrows would grow back in ;-)

Actually, as you can see from this photo (pre-haircut) taken at dinner with some of my "old lady" friends my eyebrows aren't ~that~ terrible.


aggie94 said...

So where is a picture of the new do?

Mickey said...

That lady across from you is totally winning at the game of beer. She's way ahead. I'm going to pretend that right after this photo was taken, you put her in her place and showed her what us young folks are made of by chugging that bastard to the bottom.