Monday, August 4

What it feels like to get mugged

Riding home on our bikes in the rain was bad enough. It was dark and I had my flashlight. Claire had on her headlamp. We're about 10 minutes away from the farm. I say, "Person walking on the right." Then the person turns and lifts his rain poncho and moves towards me. Then I realize he's grabbing my bag from my basket. I scream at him. "NO!!!" Claire has dropped her bike. I've thrown mine down and kicked off my shoes. I'm chasing him - obviously not thinking. Then a motor bike comes out of no where. I think "Oh, good, help." But no, he jumps on the back and I watch him ride away with both of my cameras - this is the first night that I've brought out my digital SLR because we were going to teach the monks - something we didn't even do because of the rain. Also in the bag my wallet, the 600,000 kip I'd withdrawn for the rest of my journey, and my fucking math that I've been working on for 4 weeks. All the pictures that I haven't downloaded yet.

Oh and as to how I feel.

Pissed Off
Really bloody pissed off because it seems to be very planned. As if they passed us, saw us cycling, then turned around and set it up because the motor bike came out of no where and we didn't see anyone else out or walking in the rain.



linda said...

(((Em))). Dammit, I got angry and scared just reading your post. So sorry this happened to you. I am glad you are okay, but arrggh how enraging!

zombiegrrrl said...

OMG! That's awful! Obviously it's good they didn't turn on you physically, but that's so scary! It sucks that you have to be on guard everywhere it seems. Glad you're ok. Those other things can be replaced. Was your passport in there?

Anonymous said...

Oh Em - I'm so sorry. And pissed off right along with you. I've had my purse stolen when my car was broken into, and it is indeed true that things can be replaced - but the anger is most definitely normal. Give yourself time to mourn the loss of those things that were important to you.




collateral evidence said...

Oh Em that totally sucks!

Tyler said...

Glad you're alright, even though I know that you probably don't care too much about that right now.
Try to let of the anger and negative feelings as soon as you can so it won't ruin the rest of your trip. Try not to take it personally.

aggie94 said...

That SUCKS, Em. Sorry to hear this happened. I hope you can recover SOMETHING, anything. And if not, it is just stuff. Good thing you are OK.

Anonymous said...


That so sucks!! I hope that you do get your stuff back. I'm angry along with you!!

I'm so sorry.


bostezo said...

I'm with you and with all my fellow readers (of you)!!!!
Happy to bring anything you want/need in September!

mickey said...

Shit is right. I'm glad you're okay, but shit.

mama pajama said...

Ugh. That's terrible news. That feeling of having your personal space totally invaded? Nightmareish. Losing all of those pictures? Heartbreaking.

But, you *could* look at it as an opportuntity to go shopping.... :)