Tuesday, January 27

Ballet, again

It has been almost 10 years since my last ballet class. Correction, it HAD been ten years. Until today. I took a ballet class with someone who trained/danced with the Moscow State Conservatory! I got their early and Olga took the time to start early with me doing floor work. Sit-ups, stretching. My legs used to go out sideways from my hips, but not anymore.

Then, we had class with 4 other people, one of whom was a student from my school. It was great. It hurt, but was great. And they asked me to start learning a dance they've been working on for months, because they think I'm strong enough to pick it up! Go me.

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Mickey said...

That's great!

I'd forgotten you danced, but now I remember going to see a show you were in one time with a certain mutual friend of ours who tried to hit on one of the other girls. Typical.