Thursday, January 22

Winter Wonderland

Remember how last year, I went even further north for February break to have real winter. Remember? Here's me with snow crab to prove it:

Well, no need this year. As it's been cold and snowy ever since I returned. Heck, even before I left it was -10 C. It's been very pleasant as it hasn't actually been that cold, more like -3 ish, which is bad in a way because during the day it warms up, the snow starts to melt and then refreezes making it icy. But I'm loving the winter.

Sunday I went and saw the Nutcracker! Did you know they show it year-round here?? In the middle of the performance I actually turned around behind me, reached across my friend Bree to hit the man sitting next to her. That's right, I hit a stranger. And no, I don't mean hit on. He wouldn't stop talking. Even after being asked in Russian (by native speakers) to stop. So I smacked his leg and made the "sssshhhh" noise. Yep, that's me. Irritate me enough at the theater and I will hit you.

Here I am before the show (not yet irritated):


Mickey said...

I guess you should see The Nutcracker if you're in Russia.

You should have punched that guy in the nuts.

Davee said...

with the crab like that you look like a priestess of cthulhu!

JD said...

So, did he stop talking?