Thursday, January 8

Happy New Year

Wow, so much has happened since my last post. So Natasha and I made it out on the Tuesday flight. My parents were waiting for us and the last 2 weeks flew by in a blur of food and travel.

And now I'm back. I reviewed my last few posts and it's funny looking down at "Our Last Day Together" I've returned and am thinking, was that really it? Seems like it could be. After returning home from the missed flight Za German and I talked on the phone. And then he said, "When you get back, we should talk." Uh-oh, that's never good. We couldn't just leave it there, so we talked a bit more. What will happen when he leaves in February? Do we really like each other enough to go for long distance? Or do we just get along so well because we're in Moscow? Even though it hurt at the time, I've been thinking about it a lot and decided he's right. I hadn't really considered how it would be outside of Moscow. Our conversations don't last very long on the phone or via email, so how could we possibly keep a long distance relationship going. Besides that, I honestly don't know how well we really would get along outside of Moscow. And there have been no tears through all of this consideration. Yet another reason I know he's right. But looks like the actual conversation won't get to happen until Saturday or Sunday. So, stay tuned and in the meantime I hope to be back with pictures from Natasha's and my (what is the grammatically correct way to say that?) US adventure.

And I'm almost 30 people, 84 days away. Time to find "the one," I can almost hear my marriage clock ticking.

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Mickey said...

Marriage clock? What the crap is that?

And 30 is just another number (says the guy who has nine days to go.)