Tuesday, January 13

Yep, that's it

Most of the people who read this have already been updated in person, but for the other 4 of you out there, the relationship with Za German is now officially over. All done quite amicably. No tears were shed. In the end, really, if I can be honest or blunt, and when have I ever been one to put things delicately?! Our relationship was predominately a physical one. And while that's fun, a whole lot of orgasms, err fun, it's not really sustainable. Our phone conversations were an average of 6 minutes, our emails about the weather. I need discourse and dialogue.

So here I am single again. However as my mom said, "There are plenty of fish in the sea. Just not the sea you live in." Right, and I'm here one more year. Thanks for the reminder, mom.

In other news, I still love my job. I'm getting ready to go to Thailand in February with 9 students to build a dormitory. Ooh, email must be sent!

And speaking of sent emails, I just sent one off to Oregon State where I've just applied for their online masters program in Mathematics Education. Higher education, here I come... again.


davee said...

is it only online or would you be coming to oregon for some of it?

Mickey said...

Moscow's only one of the biggest cities on the planet- there must be an orgasm or two to be had out there somewhere.