Monday, August 23

SAIL Amsterdam

I headed into the city this Sunday to catch SAIL. This is when hundreds of old, old sail boats from all over the world, like this Russian one:

SAIL Amsterdam

SAIL Amsterdam

descend on Amsterdam. It only happens every 5 years and I was lucky enough to be here already for it. There are SO many boats, I don't know how they avoid hitting each other:

SAIL Amsterdam

Of course, with this many boats comes a lot of people:

SAIL Amsterdam

So I didn't last at SAIL long. But I did enjoy wandering around the city. Stopped by a flower market:

Flower Market

Flower Market.

Since living here I've also learned why many of the houses lean:

It's not because they're old and built on water (though they are). But it's intentional so that when the hook at the top is used with a pulley to haul things up, said big heavy things won't bump against the house on the way up. Genius.


Jennifer said...

Love the pics! glad to see your are getting settled in in your new home.

I still go ponder the info on teaching overseas that your provided...It's enticing.

Ron @ DubaiFunHolidays said...

amsterdam is a beautiful place to be, i love the flwoers that are grown there, very beautiful and entertaining picture for a holiday to amsterdam