Tuesday, January 15

Ah, routine!

It's very nice to be back into a routine. After work yesterday, I headed over to another teacher's for yummy shared dinner (leftover spicy pork curry and dal from my freezer, basmati rice and mung beans from their kitchen) and then craft night. I sewed in all the ends on the fingerless gloves I made, picture coming as soon as I decided to sit down in front of my home computer again, and worked on another set. And then I came home and slept straight through the night from 9:30 until 5:45. Ah, sleep, I love you.

So now, I'm feeling less anxious about being in Moscow, in case you were worried. And I'm excited to hear where all the other teachers are headed after they went to the job fair in Thailand over the break, thus far: Johannesburg, South Africa; Tunisia; Kobe, Japan; Myanmar (former Burma) and Shanghai! Makes me excited for my opportunity to head off and explore other possibilities. However, professionally it's a really good idea for me to stay here 3 years, so as always, stay tuned as I change my mind another 50,000 times.


Mickey said...

Three years? I thought it was two, or is that just your obligation.

I'm glad you're adjusting to life back in Moscow. So it turns out that fingerless gloves aren't such a great thing for a Russian winter? Or is it a fashion choice?

TravelingEm said...

Actually, it's practicality rather than fashion. I like to be able to use my fingers and where gloves simultaneously.

And yeah, contract is 2 years, the third would be my choice.

Mickey said...

I actually have a pair of gloves I like to wear that I've worn through the tips of the index and middle fingers. That way I can still grab stuff (like zippers and keys), but stay warm at the same time. They're like evolutionary fingerless gloves.