Monday, January 14

Moscow: Love and Hate

Last night was rough. I was up from 12:30 until 4:30 contemplating what I'm doing in this city. Listening to the construction/traffic noise, smelling the air because I was too hot to sleep and therefore had the window open. Feeling very unsettled, needlessly and foolishly, because I am very settled here.

And then I came back to work this morning. I worked out and headed to the locker room to shower. On the way I was stopped by two of my students, both wishing me happy new year. Post shower, three more. And then a student came by my room. She is from Kenya and didn't get to go home as anticipated over break due to the political unrest there. She stayed in Moscow with -20 temperatures and said that she only really went out on Sundays to go to church. And she had come to apologize for not being able to get me an ink stamp from Kenya. The students here are so amazing. I'm constantly blown away and reminded that I love my job.

Now to figure out what I'm teaching today...

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Mickey said...

Two days in a row! I didn't even get a chance to comment on Saturday's post!

I'm glad you got back safely. Reading Saturday's post, I wasn't too surprised that you sounded somewhat melancholy given the shock of going from the nostalgia of visiting friends, family, and your former haunts to the slightly different environs of Moscow. Jet lag probably didn't help, either.
The crosses we bear.

Now it's time to get back to impressing upon these kids some of your vast and varied knowledge. Stay warm!