Sunday, January 20

Getting out in the Snow

I woke up to the first snow of 2008, well since I've been back anyway. And I went out anyway. Another 2 teachers and I walked for an hour and a half to the Pushkin Art Museum, stopping by way of a lovely French bakery. And to be silly:
Enjoying Winter
That's me on the left all bundled up...

Across from the Pushkin is Christ the Savior Cathedral, so we stopped in there first where they were having mass. It was amazing. The inside is incredibly painted, every wall is covered with saints and angles and such and then sine it was mass, there was singing as well, which just resonated so beautifully. Sigh.

Christ the Savior

Christ the Savior

We then went into the Pushkin side gallery and saw many great impressionist works up through a few modern pieces. Quite an impressive collection of French artists. We finished with a great, as always, lunch at Daikon, my favorite Asian restaurant here and took the metro home. Now I'm going to enjoy sitting on my couch watching the snow from inside the apartment!

Oh, and just for Mickey I also uploaded a bunch of my recent knitting photos. Actually, only the fingerless glove was made recently, the rest are old, I just finally got around to photographing them:
Fingerless GlovesAsherton HatEeyore


Mickey said...

Those gloves are pretty cool!

Ahh, Moscow in the snow! Reminds me of my youth! Wait, that was somebody else. Whatever.

That's the first snow since you've been back? I was picturing the place under several feet already. I guess it's changed since I was younger.

aggie94 said...

I *love* the Eeyore!! Soooooo cute.