Sunday, January 6

Howdy, y'all Part 3

People either love or hate Houston. Personally, I love it, well, except for the weather. Although the weather in winter time is right near perfect. Yesterday, I went on a walk with my aunt. I was wearing shorts and a tank top. About halfway into our walk it started raining on us and it was still enjoyable to be walking in the rain. I had stayed over night at my aunt and uncles, was awaked at 8 by the patter of little feet in front of the door and the sound of whispers asking each other if I was awake yet.

I emerged and was immediately set upon by my cousins. I must admit, they're terrible cute. I spent the morning with them and the aforementioned walk with my aunt. I wish I could get my parents to start exercising. I sure would enjoy going on walks with them. According to my aunt my mom has never really been into fitness.

I once again got to hear about what a terror I was in my youth. I refused to sleep anywhere but my parents' bed until I was 3 - how my sister was ever conceived remains a mystery to this day. And apparently I loved those canisters of Cheeto Balls. In case you're curious I was finally bribed into my own bed by being told that if I didn't sleep there Santa wouldn't know where to find me. What?! No presents? Sign me up for my own bed.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with many of my college buddies yesterday afternoon/evening. They all own their own houses, all of the houses are beautiful. Well, I'm just assuming Phil's is because he lives in Dallas so I haven't yet seen it, but it must be great. It's always such a pleasure to see them. It's so easy to slip back into the rythym of being friends with them. Actually, I find this to be true with all my friends across the world. I was commenting with RebeccaT last night that I must bring this out in people since it always seems to happen with me. She agreed that it's because I know that even though I live somewhere else, I haven't changed and don't act like my friends must have changed even thoguh I've been gone.

Seeing all of them so nicely settled, makes me yearn a bit to be settled myself. I could easily slip back into life here, but would I end up going crazy? At some point I'll have to figure something out. My California teaching credential will expire in 4 more years and I'll have to get a permanent credential from some state. I also want to get my masters in math, something I don't want to do online. So there you go, a wrap up of the last few days and hint of the rattling in my brain.

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Mickey said...

I was going to comment on Parts 1, 2, and 3 independently, but I'm lazy, so here it is.

Gotta hand it to your mom for getting you guys the room upgrade on the return trip. I never complain about anything and I'll therefore probably never stay in a suite. Bonus points because it was a legit complaint.

Your dad seems fully and perfectly adapted to life with your mom. Napping is his defense mechanism against the horror of antiqueing.

I'm glad you like Houston and you have friends there. To me it's one of those cities that I cannot think of any reason to visit. I'm sure it has it's charms, though.

Have a safe trip home!