Friday, April 25

It's all about the sun

It's really amazing how much more I am able to tolerate Moscow now that the sun has started appearing. My grade 10 students are signing up for next years classes and I think if I have them as grade 11s, then I'd want to stay a third year to see them through, but then that's a never ending cycle, isn't it?? We had parent conferences yesterday and mine went so well. Of course, the parents of students who could really use the conferences didn't come, but still. I had two parents come only to say thank you to me for the support I give their children. This really is an amazing school and I'll just say again I love my job.

Have I mentioned that I'm coaching softball? I am, the boys high school team. In three weeks we're traveling to Istanbul for our one tournament and chance to play against other schools. Anyway, it was so nice to watch the guys playing while standing in the sun. It's still pretty chilly, but today we're supposed to have a high of 57! That's not too bad at all.

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Mickey said...

Istanbul. Yeah, why not?

That's awesome how much you love your job, and 57 is definitely not bad at all.