Wednesday, June 4

Graduation! And my first movie!

It's official, I no longer have any seniors. They have all graduated. Yes, all of them. Graduation was lovely, really lovely. A great slide show of baby pictures morphing into graduation photos - you know the ones in caps and gowns with roses. Then there was a PTO hosted after party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Cold food (not even luke warm, literally cold) and drinks. It started at 6:30 and around 8:30 parents were encouraged to leave. Only seniors and their teachers and busy bartenders. It's very strange drinking with your students - but it's old hat for them and so no one was horribly drunk. I danced a bunch and went home way past my Sunday bedtime. Monday was slow, but it was a great weekend.

Earlier in the weekend, I went to the movies for my first time since moving here. I went to see the new Indiana Jones flick. It was supposed to be in English, but apparently isn't being released to Russia in English because Speilberg is afraid of piracy - um, it's already available on various torrent sites, but don't tell him. So instead we watched it in Russian with simultaneous translation via headsets. Actually, the movie was so bad, I think this made it good.

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