Monday, June 9


I've been delinquent in my postings. A lot has been going on and also I'm still really struggling with life here. I'm lonely for the friends and social life I used to have. I'm not sure what needs to happen for me to enjoy living here. Getting laid would probably help, in a few short weeks it'll have been a year. Does that mean I'm a virgin again?

On Friday one of my cousins is getting married. He's probably my closest cousin and I'm crushed that I can't make the wedding. Sigh.

However, this weekend was great. Linus, a friend I've had for 7 years now!!, came from Sweden to visit along with his friend John, who I get to call my friend too. They arrived on Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday early evening. We ate, drank, went to a party and a strange warehouse dance club, we walked around the Kremlin and watched lots and lots of Family Guy. It was really nice.

Here's Linus at the Kremlin:
Linus with a big gun

Now they're gone and it's cold. Hrmph.

In other news of things that have me not in my normal headspace, if I ever have a normal head space is that the ex-boyfriend and I apparently have been unintentionally torturing each other. In April, he sent me thoughtful dvd's for my birthday, but didn't respond to the "thank you" email. Early in May I sent him a link to a picture of the Sanrio store in Moscow as he's still the only boy I've met obsessed with Hello, Kitty. I've been reading his blog once every two weeks or so - not to stalk per se, but because my life here is so isolated it's nice to see what people I know are doing. He took a job teaching in Tokyo next year, after telling me that he was only going to stay one year and head back to SoCal and now, I'm the one thinking of moving back to the states. Several of life's many ironies. He's the first ex I haven't been able to stay friends with. It's weird to me. But even though I'm lonely here and I miss his friendship, I still know it was the right decision for us to split up. Anyway, I hope he'll be happy in Tokyo.

However, things at school are winding down and I know soon I'll be off for the summer rejuvenating myself. Before that though the Thai Challenge club that I started at school is having a fundraiser Thursday. For 100 rubles (roughly $4) you can smear whipped cream on a teacher's face. We'll see how that goes.


mama pajama said...

I think its kind of ironic that you're somewhat unhappy with your current situation, because I envy the crap out of you. You have a great sense of self, take risks, travel all over the place, have money to burn, and have freedom to come and go when you want. Wanna trade?

Anonymous said...

Where in the world is Emily Sliman now?? How is Mother Russia? Cold and dreary like I imagine?

Hope you and your family are doing well. When are you coming back to ATL?


Mickey said...

Ahh, the reclaimed virginity. Sucks, eh? A year sounds about right.

An introspective post. I like it, although I'm sorry you're not happy.

You could always ride the train out to Krasnoyarsk, where people climb at a place called Stolby without ropes and apparently die quite frequently. Might be entertaining.