Tuesday, June 24

School Year in Review

Now that the school year is over, I thought I would recap it for myself and you in a list of pros and cons.

  • Actually teaching math
  • All the students who came to see me outside of school
  • All the students who felt comfortable enough to call me
  • My wonderful, warm, homey apartment
  • Attending 3 balls
  • Discovering who I am when I'm on my own in a foreign city and who I want to be
  • Traveling across Russia and bits of Europe I've never seen
  • Meeting up with my sister in Tenerife, Spain
  • Hosting Thanksgiving with Americans and Russians
  • Saving money so that if I want to move back to the states, I might actually be able to afford a house down payment (note, this definitely means not going back to the Bay Area)
  • Becoming a swimmer
  • Having a job that let me leave for a week for my grandmother's funeral
  • Walking through the forest to work
  • Air Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • Litter
  • Lack of the sense of community I had in SF
  • Far away from my friends and family which meant missing 2 weddings of very important people
  • All the delicious baked goods and dumplings (con because my hips have increased in girth)
  • There is a very limited market for single, foreign women here
  • Long, dark winter
  • Having to ride the loud, smelly metro to get to the forest
Other Events
  • Also this year, William and I broke up which could go onto both lists. It was really hard ending a relationship of almost 2 years over the phone. Dealing with the sadness and loneliness alone in a foreign city. It was a relationship of laughter and fun through 2 very stressful job years, but in the end didn't grip my heart and one where I never had that feeling of "you just know." I still feel right in the decision.

  • I struggled with the teaching in having to learn how to actually teach math, not just do crowd control. I'm still working on that. I also had to deal with having my trust broken repeatedly with students cheating. Learning how to forgive but not forget.

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Mickey said...

This list is top-heavy, as it should be. A good year, I'd say.