Wednesday, June 18

Extra Responsibilities

As of today I am the Grade Level Leader for the 2008-2009 junior class. This past school year I taught 3 class of grade 10 students, the majority of them. The grade level leader plans the advisory activities, but mostly tracks the students who are in danger of slipping through the cracks. I'm really looking forward to the added leadership role as well as more of a chance to work with the students.

Also, I've been having some great discussions with my department head about my career, both here and in the future. I've gotten some really great advice from him and even though I may complain about life here a lot, this has really been a great move for me career wise.

Today was the last day of school for students. We had 10 minute classes to review finals and such, but most my kids had already come to see me for that, so instead, we chatted and I had them help me clean the room. Elementary teachers get gifts, but not high school teachers. At least I didn't think so, until I got a hug from a student :) It was awesome because he's really shy and it was a bit awkward (just like the spelling of the word) but it was great. Then two more students decided they had to hug me too :) What a day.


bostezo said...

so sweet!

Mickey said...

Awkward does look weird when you type it.