Saturday, November 1

Consumerism gone mad

I'm not a shopper. I still have clothes from college and I graduated 7.5 years ago. However, this trip, I have gone crazy. I've bought 5 pairs of shoes, 2 jeans and countless tops. Oh and don't forget the 2 ball gowns. Yesterday at the Bullseye I couldn't restrain myself from buying DVDs. Yes, I'd intended to get Arrested Development, but then I also saw Burn Notice and Bring It On and I don't even remember whatelse. I'm going to have to buy another suitcase. It's sick, really. And worse yet, I haven't even purchased the items on my list of things to buy - cornstarch, baking powder and Worschteshire (or however it's spelled). At least those things are small. Someone help me.


Mickey said...

You can't get corn starch or baking powder in Moscow? Worcestershire I understand.

Nate said...

I think it's something in the air here that's contagious. As soon as one arrives, the desire to shop is irresistible.

aggie94 said...

Hopefully then you didn't see my Smugmug pictures of the damage Sharon, Lisa, and I did at the outlet stores in Vegas last weekend. :o