Tuesday, November 11

It's fun, right?

I've started a knitting group here. My idea was to have a Stitch 'N' B!tch type club where I could sit around knitting and being social. Thus far only 2 people have been coming regularly and mostly they come for advice on how to knit. This is fine, I'm happy to help, but last night over the 2 hours, I didn't get to knit a single stitch. Argh. I'll never get holiday gifts done at this rate!


And now a funny story that some of you may enjoy about my recent trip home. After missing the flight the first day, I got on the second day, in business class. Like a flying fancy restaurant, they come for your order. Menu options were filet mignon, seared cod, stuffed chicken breast or pasta with mushrooms and arugula.

"And what would you like ma'am?"

"Filet, please."

"Oooh, we're pretty full tonight and since you're the lowest priority of business class (my ticket was only $400), I don't think I can accommodate you. What's your second choice?"

"The fish."

Winces. "I don't think I have enough of that either... But the pasta looks really good tonight..."

Sigh. "Ok, that's fine."

We take off. I get to talking with my neighbor. A blond, big breasted Russian woman in her late 40s or so. She's telling me about how she's on her 4th husband, this one a rich (we're talking, he lost 20 million in his last divorce, rich) American guy who lives in Florida while she's still in Moscow. Our meals arrive. I've got an oily pasta, she gets the filet. Of course.

She proceeds to use her fork to brush off all the sauce. Then she cuts off a piece and rolls it around in her napkin (at least she used the paper one from under her drink rather than the cloth one) to further remove all the sauce. Then she proceeds to shred it. Yes, by now I'm also thinking she's crazy. Then she grabs the shreds and ...


feeds them to the cat at her feet. Thankfully I'd had enough wine to find this incredibly amusing rather than shouting "Dammit Fluffy, that's my steak you're eating."


Mickey said...

Oh, damn! That's outrageous. Actually, the fact that the flight attendants classify the lowest priority passenger in the cabin and then withhold the filets from them is outrageous by itself. And then the lady feeds one to her cat! Just awesome.

Good luck with the knitting. And the bitching.

(side note: My word verification today is "mental." That's the first time I've had an actual word.)

aggie94 said...

That's hysterical, Em. I can picture the outrage on your face.

BTW, I was ALL SET to stop at the PO on the way to the office today to mail your box of yarn. And then I realize it's Veteran's Day. Go figure. I'll try again tomorrow. Sigh.

linda said...

I may have cried....

Although when I read it from your point of view, I had to laugh.

bostezo said...

Is the group still close to only the International Women's Club? Maybe you can open it to just knitters. And if the IWC doesn't like that idea, they should support your elite knitting group.
My group is doing fine; we had three guests last month and four this one. So far one person has learned at each meeting, that’s really cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily!

This is Helen from the mulberry farm in Laos. I am just double checking to see if you got the pics I sent you.

Hope you are doing well.