Sunday, November 9

Not even a week

Yep, I didn't even make it a week. I just can't be bothered to blog everyday. My life isn't that exciting. And sure I have all these thoughts running around in my head, things I would like to provide my own editorial on, but when I get home I don't want to head to my computer. Regardless, I'm no longer committing myself to NaBloPoMo

Or yesterday, which was a rather perfect day of sleeping in, snuggled in warm arms in a cold room, heading off to the Gorbushka market for a very Russian morning, coming home to watch a terrible movie (Deception, oh, Hugh Jackman, how could you??), supervising the making of some delicious dark chocolate, white chocolate, pecan, pinenut cookies (what a role reversal, I washed, he cooked - it's so much easier to cook with two!), knitting a bit and then heading to a wine and cheese party. Why would I want to interrupt any of that by sitting alone at my computer??

However, I will try to post more often this month. Which compared to October will be a snap ;) Oh look I've already more than doubled October's posts!


linda said...

So, I am extremely curious about the warm arms thing... " Nothing interesting in your life" my foot!

Mickey said...

But you're not alone at the computer! We (your many readers) are right on the other side!

So, so weak. And I know you've got so much to share. After all, I don't know a single other person in all of Russia.

Nate said...

I gave it a shot as well and I have to agree with you; I keep thinking of all the thoughts I have and would like to write down, but I don't want to get back on the computer after being in front of it all day at work. The only time I've ever been able to write on an almost daily basis was when I was traveling alone, but there was so much idle time then.

bostezo said...

How is your knitting group going? I'm having my second one tomorrow. I'm also starting another one in my office.
Did you bring my boots and then carry them back to Moscow? Too bad you can't wear them.

aggie94 said...

Deception was a pathetic disappointment. What a waste of such great talent.

I second Linda on the request to "kiss and tell." :)