Thursday, November 20

Hurts so Bad

No, don't get worried, the Hunky German and I are doing fine. Several of you have asked for details, but I'm not one to kiss, or do hours of kissing, and tell. But I will tell you we met at the Oktoberfest Party at the German Embassy, where he works, on Saturday, September 27th. Here we are dancing the night we met:

We had our first "date" the following Tuesday after my sister left and then Sha arrived. We talked on the phone a bit, Sha got to meet him a few times. We trounced him at Noochi (high speed group solitaire) and he handled it quite well. We see each other a few times a week. Unfortunately he leaves Moscow at the end of February :( Who knows what will happen then...

So no, that's not why I hurt. I am home sooooo sick. I was crying at the doctors office yesterday because it hurt just to say my name when I first got there and no one understood me and finally a nurse said "Oh, Emily S..." and I nodded yes and pointed. They said sit down. My appointment time came and went and all these other people went by. Finally I went back to the desk and pointed to my watch. They asked my name, this time I just wrote it down. And they said "Did you tell us you were here?!" And then rushed me back to see a very nice French doctor. Who took one look at my incredibly swollen tonsils and said "oh, I bet that hurts a lot." But it's not strep. "That's a good thing, step is very bad bacteria," he said. "But yours is also really bad." And they don't know what it is. So he gave me an anti-inflammatory shot in my butt and then a prescription with 5 different things on it! Everything having to be swallowed of course. By last night I could finally eat a bowl of soup. I was lucky that all the medicine on an empty stomach didn't make me nauseous!

So later today, the German is coming to take care of me. I've already taken off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. Maybe I'll actually be able to enjoy a bit of tomorrow. But at this point, Thursday morning, it still hurts to swallow.


Mickey said...


I'm just glad you have the German around to take care of you. Is that a security camera photo of the two of you?

Nate said...

Does the German have a name or will you just be referring to him as "the German"? Actually, as I recall, I think you used to refer to the other one as "the boy". Nice to see you with a man now. ;)

Amanda Leslie said...

So sorry you're sick. It's bad enough having to go to the doctor and explain symptoms in your primary language. Feel better soon.

And I think you should call him Ze German. a la Snatch.

I'm starting a stitch & bitch club myself!

zombiegrrrl said...

Hope you feel better soon! I'm just getting over my own cold. It's been more than a week. I too had a terrible sore throat for many of the days. I actually had to hold one of my ears closed just to swallow without wincing.

Kudos on the German! He must have some sort of ale related remedy, no? :)