Monday, February 21

Andorra Schmandorra

And Ian think's Luxembourg sucks. Andorra is not worth the visit people. Sure it's a beautiful drive to get there:

Catalunya Region, Spain

Catalunya Region, Spain

And you get to stop in cute little towns like Le Seu d'Urgell to have lunch:
Le Seu d'Urgell

But then your in Andorra and it's like your in a 1980's Panama City with mountains instead of the beach. It was packed full of people, many of them Russian, people still smoke inside there, we walked down the main strip for about 20 minutes before finding a restaurant (pizza and pasta) that didn't look terrifying. And by terrifying I mean plastic pictures of food out front and only men inside smoking and drinking beer.

I'm traveling with Bree and we only went for one night. Mostly because we'd never been there and it's a "plus 1" for countries we've visited. But in the end, totally not worth it. Especially since we didn't get a passport stamp out of it!

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Mickey said...

I had a crush on an Andorran girl once. She was earning some sort of forestry management degree and we debated (she in severely broken but cute English) the merits of wildfires. She couldn't believe that they let forest fires burn in a place like Yellowstone because Andorra is so small that I guess the whole place could burn down. And then they wouldn't need forest manager-types.