Thursday, February 10


Meet Babette:
Babette on the roof

I've started a cat share! I used to love my farm share in California and still miss it, but this experience exceeds that by a long shot.

I work with a great woman, Monica who has a great cat and has had her for 10 years. However, 3 years ago, Monica had a baby. And the cat doesn't like the baby/toddler so much. I'm sure, much like me, the cat finds him too sticky (note: it's not that I find Monica's son especially sticky, I tend to find all children under the age of 10 to be sticky).

So, now Babette is living with me part time (Monica is taking her back when I go on holidays (well, holidays longer than a weekend)). She's much more dog like than cat like in that she always wants to be petted and by your side. Except when she wants to go out - oh wait, that's like a dog too. I know the way she's different... when outside she loves to be up on the roof!

Anyway, she's great! And when I've got my camera back here at home, I'll show you how cute she is too!

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