Tuesday, February 22

Tapas in Barcelona

Yesterday Bree and I spent the day roaming the city shopping with our mutual friend Pat. Pat used to live in Barcelona and her husband still does. We spent the day shopping and then sharing some wine. When Bree and I would have thrown in the towel and headed back to our lovely B&B for a nap, Pat wouldn't let us. Instead plying us with coffee and water so that we could forge ahead.

And in the end, we went to Quimet & Quimet where we met up with Pat's husband for some tapas. It was a tiny place that in passing you would think was a liquor store. And it did have loads of wines, a few beers and whiskeys. But there behind the counter, you spy some lovely foods. Incredibly fresh, we tried many and they were almost all incredible. All the while standing up surrounded by locals and a few other tourists.

Here's Bree, Pat and her husband:
Quimet & Quimet

And here's some of the food (click to go to Flickr for notes with descriptions of each item):

My favorites were the razor neck clams, the fava beans, the beef and the white asparagus (which I forgot to photograph).


courtney said...

I'm totally going to be checking the back posts of your blog every time I travel so I know exactly where the best spots are. :)

Mickey said...

I really enjoyed your food photos with notes. Looks great and there's a bunch of stuff there I've never had. Food is so freakin' great.

formatie nunta said...

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