Thursday, February 10

Traveling fool

Holy moly, I've been doing a lot of travel since returning from Australia (as if that weren't travel enough!).

Went to the beach
A cold day at the beach in IJmuiden

It was much colder than it looks. See how bundled we are (in things I've knit for us):
A cold day at the beach in IJmuiden

Went down to Den Haag (you might know it as The Hague) to chaperon THIMUN. This is an MUN (Model United Nations) conference with over 3,000 student delegates. It might be renamed, MMM (meat-market-mun). You've never seen so many geeky teenagers finding love.

That was Wed - Friday and then immediately headed down to Utrecht. I've been there before, but this time was to have dinner with Amy, who I went to Munich with, and we decided to turn it into a weekend. Which included lunch with my landlord. He's a pretty awesome guy. It was lovely.

Last weekend I was in Brussels with our junior math team (one of my teams took 11th place out of 65 teams!). I like Brussels, but by the end wasn't feeling well. No surprise with how much travel I've been doing. Thankfully, I seem mostly recovered. Which is good because this weekend it's off to London for the boy (pictured above)'s birthday.

So I'll try to return here at some place to post more, but it really requires me to be home more.


courtney said...

Pretty sunset! I'm sure traveling is less fun when you're sick, but still probably better than not traveling.

Mickey said...

That's cool and all, but who the heck is the boy? Did I miss something?