Monday, February 21


Remember I said we were going to London for the boy's birthday. Well we did and had a great trip. We ate some really good food and walked a ton! It was lovely to walk along the Thames, they've really developed it into a nice pedestrian area.

So here we are in front of Buckingham Palace:
Buckingham palace
That's me holding my two new pairs of boots (I think I'm addicted to boots)

And here we are wearing bibs as we at yummy noodle soup at Pho Cafe in Soho:
Adding cilantro
Wearing bib's at Pho Cafe

And now on a bridge crossing the Thames with Big Ben just barely in the background:
See Big Ben?

At one point in the trip I mentioned that I wanted to return to see Wicked and he told me he'd never heard of it. So I say, "It's the story of the Wicked Witch of the West." Blank look. "You know, from the Wizard of Oz." "That's American, I've never seen/heard of it." "Dorothy? Toto? The yellow brick road? Munchkins? Flying monkeys?" Obviously there is some serious cultural sharing that I need to do. Maybe he'll enjoy it the most if I play it along with The Wall though...


Anne (the greatest cousin ever) said...

It's Dark Side of the Moon, not The Wall. Don't go mixing up your Pink Floyd there!!! LOL

Mickey said...

Anne beat me to it.

You could run a relationship for years on the whole culture-sharing thing, I bet.