Sunday, March 9

8 Mapta - Women's Day

The 8th of March is Women's Day in Russia. A day to honor women. Around long before mother's day. Most women are given small gifts and usually flowers. Two of my students brought me gifts!! A photo album and a box of chocolates! I was so shocked and honored. I really love my students - not because they bring me gifts, but because they are so thoughtful.

Anyway, I wandered around Moscow on the 8th of March to take pictures. Along my walk I stopped at a French bakery that I like and bought an 80 rubble (about $2.50) danish. I was given a flower and a small bag of confections too for women's day. They also gave one to my friend Erin who didn't even buy a pastry! We then went to the flower market at Kievskaya metro and took several shots, a few of which I like. Before I was yelled at for the third time to put the camera away. I'm not quite sure why I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures. Maybe they wanted me to be buying flowers instead. All I know is that I like my old zoom lens, a Pentax that met with a terribly unfortunate washing machine accident better than my new Sigma. Sigh.

Anyway, here are the photos (as always click to be taken to the flickr set).

Buying Flowers



Yep, this is as close to a smile as he could manage

Abandonded Flower


Mickey said...

Flowers always make good subjects. I especially like the stern gentleman standing behind all the roses. So Russian (and what a great juxtaposition)!

Yes, that was my big word for the day.

bostezo said...

Hello you, it was Women's Day all over. We all celebrated walking somewhere (nice). I went to the Mission and walked around looking for the most beautiful women's murals.
I miss you!!!!

Allie said...

Those are beautiful pictures!