Wednesday, March 12

Can you hear me?

Yep, I'm so congested, my left ear is congested. That's what the doctor said. Gave me ear drops and everything. He also recommended that I not fly on Saturday - not really an option since I'm a chaperon - and immediately recognized my last name as being Lebanese, something that rarely happens.

Yep, it's exciting here. Back to work tomorrow for sure.

Oh, in super exciting (to me) news, one of my Korean students brought me some kimchi! yay! Of course, I wasn't at school yesterday to get it, so hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. That's sure to kill my cold right?


Mickey said...

I hope flying in your condition isn't too rough. Maybe Thailand will cure your ills. Blogging must be so easy when you traipse all over the globe taking pictures and having adventures!

Lebanese, huh? Never thought about it, really. I guess in middle school we're a little too concerned with ourselves to pick up on things like that.

bostezo said...

I think he is!!!