Saturday, March 29

Here comes the sun!

"Do da do da, here comes the sun and I said, 'It's alright.'"

We've got over 12 hours of day light now and were gaining more rapidly. By 6:30 this morning the sun was up pretty high and my apartment was full of delicious sunlight. I think I'll start hating Moscow less now.

I'm off for a walk towards a purple line metro station. It'll be a nice 45 min or so walk and then I'll take the metro to my favorite rynok to buy pork tenderloin for tonight. I'm having people over for Korean dinner to share the kimchee that I got from one of my students.

But before that I'll head over to a stone fair and maybe buy some more jewelry.

It's shaping up to be a good day :)

Also, all the Thailand photos are up in a flickr collection.

Photos of our students playing with Thai students:

Sharks and Minnows


And photos from an orchid farm:


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Mickey said...

You should be getting paid by the Thailand tourism board, because you sure can sell it!