Friday, March 28


It was so hard to come back. I really like Thailand. The people have such big smiles and are so friendly. The kids are so photogenic:

Ah, so cute!

We had a great trip. It was so neat to get our students out of Russia, especially the one Russian who hadn't ever been out of Russia. It was a bit of a culture shock for them and a class/spoiled shock for me: "I'm spending the summer in Paris and my mommy's giving me a gold card for it!" "Um, Ms. S, I've never flown economy class before..." "AAAAHHHH, there's a bug in my bathtub!!!"

However, over all the kids were great. They hardly whined at all about the hot days 36+ C and about being out hiking, biking or rafting in that heat. It was really a fun trip. I ate mango, papaya and or pineapple every day. I introduced the kids to the pleasure of banana chocolate roti. Unfortunately durian was not in season. I managed to find just a bit on the last day in Chiang Mai. And I got kissed by an elephant:

Elephant Kiss

When elephants kiss they suck, it feels really funny! We also went on an hour elephant ride. It's terrifying. The whole time I felt like I would tip off!

Elephants on Parade

The company we worked with, the Maekok River Valley Resort was great. We had two wonderful, knowledgeable guides who were a ton of fun. I hope that I get to host the trip next year.


Anonymous said...

I always figured being kissed by an elephant would be similar to being kissed by the vacuum. Now you've confirmed it.

Love the pictures. You DID stay ON your elephant, right?

Mickey said...

That sounds so great. I really like that first picture.

I wish I were spending the summer in Paris with Mommy's gold card!

aggie94 said...

Wow, 14 years old and never flown economy before now? What a tough life.

Your trip sounds awesome - we can't wait for ours in September. If you're not back in school yet, you should meet us there! :)