Tuesday, March 11

Sick of being sick

So I'm home sick, again. In SF, I used all my sick days, but the majority of those were "mental health" days. Here however, I've already used 4 of my sick days and all of those I've been legitimately home sick. Like today. I'm once again all congested. And I've been taking my antihistamines daily - much to my dismay. I haven't had to do that since living in Houston. This is now the 3rd time in as many months that I've been this sick. I just stopped taking antibiotics 3 weeks ago for a sinus infection. I haven't taken antibiotics since 2005!!

Add this to the list of reasons why I'll be seeking a new city to live in after my 2 year contract is up rather than adding a 3rd year, because even though I love my job, I really think living in Moscow is bad for my health. Sigh.


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Mickey said...

That really sucks! Yep, I guess Moscow's not for you. Maybe it's not for anyone if it makes people sick. Shame.