Saturday, March 15

I'm off

Well, the congestion is still here but breaking up. So I'm heading off to Thailand. I can't resist the call of the fruit, papaya, mango and oh yes, the durian. Oh right and to share a world experience with a group of 13 teenagers. We're taking 10 girls and 3 boys. 1 of the boys is notorious at school for being a trouble maker. I really hope I don't have to fly him back (on his parents dime) for misbehavior.

Full trip report when I return.

Oh, and I uploaded a bunch of wedding photos I took a few years ago. Here are some of my favorites, but click on any of them to get to the set.


Bride's Maids

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Mickey said...

I can't wait to hear how those teenagers react to the durian. And the rest of the trip, too, but you're already there, so I won't say good luck. But good luck anyway.