Thursday, July 15

But you're pretty...

My sister and I are walking down a side street in Brunswick, Maine. We're discussing the difference in personality of East Coast Northerners versus Southerners, at least that's what I'm discussing. It's noticeable. For a Southerner, the people here almost seem rude - waitstaff doesn't stand around to chat, you're not often greeted when walking into a place - but I've come to realize that's just how it is here. Just like I won't find really spicy food (the chocolate chipotle gellato I had tonight is the one exception - my mouth was on fire) or sweet tea.

Anyway, my sister and I were having this discussion because my mom and I had made appointments to had our eyebrows and legs waxed, respectively. My sister wanted to have her eyebrows tweased because wax makes her break out (it's true, I've seen it). And the receptionist wasn't friendly enough in her opinion. (I thought she was fine, but I've been here 3 days longer.) Besides that I'd offered to twease her eyebrows myself.

Sister: "I'm sorry but I just don't trust you."

Me: "What?! I'm totally trustworthy."

Simultaneously two boys (young, 18, 20 tops) pass us in the street.

Me to the boys: "I look trust worthy, don't I?"

One of them: "No, but you're pretty."

Well, at least I've got that going for me.

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Mickey said...

I'd rather be pretty than trustworthy.

That's a funny story.