Sunday, July 11

I'd often wondered if I'd be able to do it.

As an omnivore and one who enjoys eating meat, I'd often question if I'd actually be able to kill a living creature in order to eat it. While tonight, I discovered that yes, I can. But it wasn't pleasant. At least not until I was eating it.

I dropped 4 live lobsters into a steamer basket. This is almost worse than dropping them into boiling water I think because they aren't initially aware of how bad it is going to be. Then once I stuffed them in (and I had to, to get the lid on), I could hear them rattling against the lid for the first 7 or so minutes. I ignored their cries and kept reading (Pride and Prejudice - it's so good! who knew?!). And after 20 minutes, opened the lid to reveal 4 bright red lobsters which my family and I devoured.

Here I am kissing mine good-bye:
I'm sorry to have killed you

My sister, newly arrived to Maine ate hers almost instantly and declared "I eat 9 oz of protein a meal, you know! (Actually, no I didn't) I'll need two next time." Um, ok.
To eager to even wait for a full (lobster) body photo

My dad had fun playing with his.
Dad shows no remorse

As did my mom:
Mom - ready to attack

This was my dad's 3rd lobster in 6 meals. Here he is at lunch with my mom looking on.

Not to worry, she also had lobster, but in the form of a club sandwich. Me, I had a salad. There's only so much of eating out that I can take (never thought you'd hear me say that, huh?).

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Mickey said...

I just ate lunch and yet your pictures are making me hungry.