Saturday, July 3

I'm calling it football

Living in Europe (Moscow is sort of European) for the start of the World Cup was pretty great. I was never that into soccer, but I do enjoy going to sports bars. So I started watching with Bree. And then I got into it. When I'm invested, I'm the person jumping up, almost knocking the table over, screaming.

And man, has there been a lot to cheer about these past two days. My future home, the Netherlands BEAT Brazil yesterday. Since NED was ranked high it's not ~that~ much of an upset, but to the world of football (and to the world, it is football, it's a game played mostly with your feet, it makes sense, America, get over it and start calling it football) fans, I'd say it came as a surprise. And me, I've never enjoyed watching Brazil - whiny, actors the lot of them. So I say "Suck It, Brazil! Enjoy the long flight home." Ha. GO NETHERLANDS!

Then Uruguay and Ghana going to shoot out! I was on the edge of my seat at the end of that match.

And today, what should have been a close game, but no, Germany slaughtered Argentina. Yet another surprise and again awesome because the Argentinian coach, Maradona is, in my opinion, a douche. I'll admit, I laughed at his tears. And we all know I have a thing for Germans.

The most hilarious part of this game was when the announcer used "tantalizing and scintillating" in the same sentence. Dude, I'm watching football (or soccer if you must), not porn.

But if it comes down to Netherlands vs. Germany, I'll be wearing orange.

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Mickey said...

Well we already have a football. It gets a little confusing if you start doubling up on names. Besides, the term "soccer" was invented by the English and they know exactly what you mean when you say it.