Saturday, July 10

Maine - first impressions

It's humid in Maine. Seriously, disgustingly (though I have a low tolerance for humidity) humid. However, the view from the back deck of our rental house (actually the view can be seen from every room in the place) is awesome. See:

View from Rental Porch

Also we found a farmer's market today (you know I love those) and bought goat cheese, sweet corn, sugar snap peas, well you get the picture.

Now if only to avoid being driven crazy by the fact that there is no escape from the people I'm with (my parents). It's not them (for the most part), but more the fact that I ~need~ my alone time.

This post brought to you by the commission for parenthesis in every sentence (great for a mind that's often side tracked).

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Nate said...

Tell me about it. We were just back in Rhode Island for that heat wave. That much heat with humidity is a killer. We went up to Maine where it was "cooler" but that didn't exactly work as you know.