Monday, July 26

In the buckle of the Bible belt

I was at a conference this weekend in Austin. I was amazed at how many openly Christian people there were. It's been a long time since I've lived in Texas. But it was nice. Well, actually, the conference wasn't so good unfortunately, but I got to see some friends from college and also had dinner with my non-Aunt (she's my uncle's sister (but he's my uncle by marriage)). I just met her last weekend in Boston at the wedding, but she seemed great. So I agreed to let her take me out to the Oasis (great view, over-priced TERRIBLE food, do not go there).

So I get picked up by my non-aunt and her husband. Before I'm even buckled up in the car he's handing me this book titled "Are there Christian Cops in Austin Texas" (no question mark in the title, it pains me not to include one). And then he asks me, "So are you religious?" "No." "Not at all?" "Nope, not at all." "So then you study world religions?" "Well, superficially in college."

And by now I'm sure you're thinking what I was thinking, "what have I gotten myself into?" And he goes on to tell me that he's written this book and it's all about this cop who is and I quote "like you'd imagine Jesus to be." And he was fired from the Austin PD because he's Christian and refused to tasar people and thus didn't fit in with the APD philosophy. Holy shit, have I been abducted by evangelical conspiracy theorists? And so I'm skimming through the book now because if I'm just listening, I might throw myself from the car. And it's just a proof version, but the formatting is terrible and every chapter begins with a bible verse and the prose is almost unreadable. Unfortunately, the story sort of peters off there. He finished explaining to me what the book was about and didn't discuss it again at any point. Nor was I taken away to a tent with snakes and holy rollers to be saved. But I'm keeping the book to show everyone that comes to my house.


courtney said...

Yeah, I'm going to need to see that.

Mickey said...

That is freaking awesome. Hey, at least he apparently dropped the subject rather than hammering you for hours on it.