Sunday, September 30

Busy, busy, busy

I don't have time to post. It's Sunday at 7 and I still need to finish grading papers. However, I had an awesome weekend which included going to the director's apartment for a TGIF, great company and an awesome view of our school and looking out over Moscow from a 23rd floor (he only lives on 10, geez!)


Saturday morning I was up early to go mushroom foraging! I came home with 3 pounds of mushrooms. Stroganoff here I come!!!

Mushroom Harvest

There are some especially great photos in that set. Please go look at them all! And then come tell me that you love them ;)

Finally, last night was the big Gala that I won those tickets for.

On the way to the Gala

I really need to come back and write details so that I don't forget. But at the auction, the lowest item to go was a custom designed cocktail or evening gown for $8500 (yes, dollars, not rubles!) and the highest bid was an all expense paid trip for two to Beijing for the Olympics next summer for $28,500!


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TravelingEm said...

Give me a break, it's hard on my brain going back and forth between the Russian and English spellings. When are you going to write me back, by the way?!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were showing off the infamous lunch bag from Portland. I still covet it. Loved the pics, the countryside looks beautiful. sharon