Monday, September 3

Pirates did not work!

Grumble. The other fake DVD I bought a few weeks ago is terrible. The quality is incredibly grainy and looks like it was made by a person holding a video camera in a theater. I guess that's what you get for $4. But I'm going to go through some serious movie watching withdraw if that's the best I get. I've seen other people's dvd's that have come out great. I guess I have to just keep trying.

Sigh. It'll be better once Wil is here with his laptop. Then we can just try before we buy. Then we won't know if it skips at the end, but at least we'll know quality.


Anonymous said...

Wil is coming over? Yay! How's he doing?


TravelingEm said...

The plan is that he'll join me for next school year. He's doing great in Japan, aside from a broken pinky toe. :)