Sunday, September 9

A Search for Asian Ingredients

Two teachers had told me about 2 Asian markets, so a group of 5 of us set out this morning to check them out. It was cold and rainy, ~ 8 C (46 F), but we still went on with it. I was wearing my rain coat, coupled with a sweater, scarf and hat and was fine, if a bit damp by my return. We found a fair number of Japanese ingredients, but these stores were nothing like the Asian markets of SF I'm used to. Where's my chili garlic sauce??? And why the hell does rice wine vinegar cost $12?!? And sesame oil was $8. Rice noodles, incredibly cheap back home and cheap to make I might add, $4 here. Holy shit! What am I going to do???

Looks like the cold and rain will be with us for tomorrow too. I might actually wear my snow pants for the walk to the shuttle since they're mostly water resistant and then I can change into dry clothes at school after my morning swim.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much it would cost to ship stuff to you. I'd be willing. Just send me a list. :)

Anonymous said...

Um, that was me posting up there.


bostezo said...

It’s that cold already? Scary!!!!
So good you’re meditating. I need to get back to it, so knowing that you’re doing gives me energy to sit. It will make me feel that I have company.
And as for the food I think you just have to eat whatever they eat over there (you did great with the chicken and the soup). Not only the prices will be disappointing, I found that my Venezuelan food, although cooked properly and with the right ingredients, never really taste the same.
Missing you, Vero