Thursday, September 6

Ring, ring


"Hi, Ms. S, it's me Margo. I just had a few question about the natural logarithm problems... I was doing fine until I got to those."

"Ok, I'm on the phone with my mom, let me cal you back."

Ten minutes later.

Ring, ring.


"Hi Margo, it's me Emily. Err, I mean Ms. S"

"Oh, hi. Ok, so on number 10..."

And we proceed to discuss her math homework for 10 minutes. Yes, I gave out my phone number to students, but only to my higher level class with strict instructions not to call past 9. But I love it, I'm so happy to have students who care enough to ask about problems that they don't understand. It's such a joy. And actually Margo and Ichi are both heading off on visa runs and have asked me for the assingments they'll be missing so maybe I should figure that out...


davee said...

can i call you with some math problems? do you help with figuring out tips?

jhkim said...

Yay! Sounds like a much-wanted change from your previous teaching.

I know that having students who really want to learn is so much nicer than otherwise.

minnie said...

its sort of sad and horrible to think about the reasons why your other school had such problems and the long term impact of that on everyone...