Tuesday, September 11

My long term impact

A few days ago I wrote about the student who called me with homework questions and minnie commented:

its sort of sad and horrible to think about the reasons why your other school had such problems and the long term impact of that on everyone...

In addition to that the boy and I have been having long talks about our future. I can see myself doing this for a long time, traveling the globe going from international school to international school. However, the students at these schools are either rich and/or from parents with an education. They could (and do) have daily tutors to help them succeed. And if all else fails, their parents will just buy them a business - I have a student who already has her own line of clothing and another who is already a millionaire due to the unfortunate passing of his father.

The boy wants to go back to the states and public school, help the to fix the system. Contribute in a meaningful way. I've had nightmares the past few nights about being back in the system. Last night I was trying to protect my students from a gang shooting. My stress level was so high there, the teaching wasn't really teaching. But I definitely have the feeling of having sold out here. I'm certainly not experiencing the "real" Russia either.

Be the change you want to see in the world right...


drinknerd said...

augh. it gives me angst to think about the american public schools. in particular the oakland schools.

what gets me is your comment (don't remember if there was a post going with it) (and I'm certainly not sure if I'm even remembering the comment correctly) that there were some kids that started off on a good trajectory, but then got pulled down by the anti-learning grief from their peers.

all that really occurs to me are crazy left field ideas... the kind where Minnie would just roll her eyes at me. then again.. she pretty much does that anyway.

Anonymous said...

You were doing REAL teaching in the states...would love for you to read about the charter school started in Las Vegas by Andre Aggasi....with "no extra funds", they have created a school where very poor kids are actually learning and succeeding....it is featured in Bill Clinton's new book, Giving. You are such a wonderful teacher Emily...maybe after the next election, the system will be ready for change....one can only hope!
Your "College Supervisor"....Judy