Friday, February 15

And we're off!

The college counselor and I leave tomorrow for our Arctic Circle adventure. We fly north to Murmansk, Russia tomorrow. Sunday we'll be heading to Kirkenes, Norway. We'll spend 5 nights in Norway. The agenda is dog sledding, snowshoeing, saunaing (wow, I can't believe spell check didn't highlight that one!!), reading and knitting. Hopefully we'll get to see the Northern Lights. We're back a week from Sunday. I'll let you know then :)

I've been playing with Google Maps. Click on the blue bubble to see the city names.

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Mickey said...

That's gonna be awesome! But knitting, really? All the way to Norway to knit? I guess it will be pretty dark there.

Anyway, have fun and don't freeze! And thanks for the comment. I was wondering when I was going to get some blog love.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip and don't forget to take plenty of pictures for all of us out in blog-land to enjoy.

Sandy said...

Go Emily! What a fabulous trip. Can't wait to hear about it - and see pictures, of course. :)