Thursday, February 28

Organic Groceries in Moscow

Here's the Moscow Times Article, but since that link may change at some point here are the addresses listed at the end. Placed on this blog not for my 5 readers (hi, y'all) but instead so that I don't lose them:

BIO Gourmet, 40/1 Ul. Ostozhenka, M. Park Kultury, 246-1128

Grunwald, 30/1 Rublyovskoe Shosse, 413-0565

Globus Gourme has seven stores in Moscow, two of which are located at 22 Ul. Bolshaya Yakimanka, M. Polyanka, 995-2170 and 19 Novy Arbat, M. Arbatskaya, 775-0918., 984-7400

Azbuka Vkusa,, 504-3487

Dzhagannat, 11 Kuznetsky Most, M. Kuznetsky Most 628-3580

Put K Sebe, 16 Krasnoproletarskaya Ul., M. Novoslobodskaya, 746-5347 and 6 Novokuznetskaya Ul., M. Novokuznetskaya, 951-9129

Organic Lab, 1 Tishinskaya Ploshad, M. Belorusskaya and 8 Novinsky Bulvar, Lotte Plaza, 617-0888,

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Mickey said...

Great. Now you're using us as an address book. That's right, as a reader I take partial ownership of this blog.

I gotta say it's your least-interesting post to date. Very little exposition and the climax was a real disappointment.