Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day

I'm not so into the idea of Valentine's Day. In America, the past few years, I'd cooked a meal at home because I tend to hate prix fix menus (on holidays that is. I loved Pizzaiola's Fixed Monday menus, of course they've now canceled those). I've enjoyed the day a lot at school today though. Students were encouraged to wear red, white and/or pink and they did overwhelmingly. Maybe it's because it reminded me of my days teaching at O'C, but it was almost like the students were in uniform. And the grade 10s (of which I teach 3 classes) had the most students dressed to show spirit. This is huge as these students tend to be the least spirited as a group.

We also had a very fun assembly. Yes, a fun high school assembly. One of the student bands played so I was rocking out. Then I got to go up and recognize all my math students who one at our tournament. Then they hosted a mock "Dating Game." I don't remember if that was the name of the show, but it's where you have a male looking for a date and 3 female contestants that he asks questions to and then eliminates. Well, they did two games, one with a male and 3 females and then another with one female and 3 males. The later was by far the most amusing. The girl was a senior and after she was blindfolded the 3 male contestants who volunteered were all 9th and 10th graders. And these boys were hams! One of them was one of my students who drives me crazy in class, but this role was perfect for him. When asked to sing his favorite love song he got up and with great accompanying dance moves broke into "Baby Got Back." So funny! He was picked as the winner of the "date" and he walked up to the girl with the rose he was supposed to hand her between his teeth. So funny.

And now tonight, I'm heading down to the school cafeteria for an evening of dinner and choir music. Should be lovely.

So that's Valentine's Day in Moscow, year 1.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your class kids!

Mickey said...

Sounds fun.

See, that one kid might be annoying in class, but he just needs the right venue to shine. He's a natural-born ham, apparently.