Tuesday, February 12

Math Team!

That's right, the geekiness never ends. I loved math team in High School. I never did all that well, but I still had a great time. So I jumped on the chance to help coach our team here. It was a huge learning curve for me, trying to be prepared for our extremely bright and fast students, but somehow we made it. This past weekend our school hosted the CEESA (Central & Eastern European School Association) Math Counts tournament. Teams came from Helsinki, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Prague, Warsaw, and Kyiv.

There are two groups - junior level (9th and 10th grade) and senior level (11th and 12th). Each team consists of 3 members. Yes, only 3! It was quite a challenge here picking the 3. Especially since we hosted. So, what we did instead was submit our "official" 3 and then we submitted 1 unofficial junior team of 2 students and then another 3 unofficial teams in the senior level.

I'm so proud to say that our official teams took 1st place at both levels and the unofficial teams took 3rd place. It was a great weekend of math :)


Dee said...


Coaching kids is the greatest. I helped with my son's Quiz Bowl team for 3 years. They were such interesting (and SMART) kids.

Mickey said...

So what you're saying is that not only are you a champion trivia contestant, but a champion math team coach as well?

Holy shit you're on a roll!

aggie94 said...

You are such a dork.

;) Love ya!