Sunday, February 24

Snow Hotel

After our first day of walking around, we went to stay a night at the Kirkenes Snow Hotel.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel


Modeled after the one in Sweden, this is basically a bunch of small igloos all connected. Inside it's a constant temperature of around 4 degrees. We slept in heavy duty sleeping bags. I was actually hot at one point. And we ate a delicious meal of reindeer sausage, cod and salmon. We also shared an $80 bottle of wine. It was good, but not that good.

Dinner at Snow Hotel

It was hard to get photos of the rooms because I don't have a wide angle lens, but here are a few photos for you.

Honeymoon Room
This room was chosen by another couple. We picked the octopus room - basically octopus tentacles encircled our bed. But I could only manage a photo of its head
Octopus Head Board
ok, that picture is quite terrible sorry. But that orange light was on all night, which means when you wake up at 4, you have no concept of time.

Here's the foot board.
Foot Board

In the morning we walked around and looked at the reindeer. They're short! I didn't expect that. But they're so cute. One followed me around :)


We took a sled from our hotel to the snow hotel and back in the morning. It was about a 20 minute journey. I'm not convinced that the sleds were any faster than walking.

On the sled

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Mickey said...

Reindeer and ice! Oh my!

Now that is what I call exotic. It's amazing what a good sleeping bag can do for you, huh?