Tuesday, February 26

We interupt these trip posts

For some randomness. I just had an amazingly easy interaction with SFUSD Payroll!! Amazing. My mom hasn't received my W-2, which is probably because I never changed my address with them and so I called. a) Someone actually answered b) she took the time to look for my W-2 and discovered, that yes, it'd been returned to them AND, here's the real kicker, c) she actually took the new address over the phone!! I hadn't changed it before because they had no on-line system and you actually had to physically mail in a paper to them. I couldn't handle it. I just kept forgetting to print out the form and then find a stamp. So hopefully my mom will soon be able to dictate my W-2 to me so I can request an extension so that I can get my foreign residency status and therefore won't have to pay taxes (on foreign income) again until I start earning more than $87,000 a year while abroad, not likely. But I wonder if that will delay the refund of what the government owes me from the taxes I paid out at SFUSD. Hrm...

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