Friday, July 4

Heaven in a Hand Basket

My "essential question" for my 5 week vacation was originally "How much massage can a person have in 5 weeks?" After today, I think it may be "How much massage can a person have in 1 day?" For 70 USD over a span of 4 hours, this was my day:
  1. A driver picked me up from my pension and drove me to Verona Spa
  2. 2 girls waxed my legs simultaneously, making for the fastest full leg/bikini wax I've ever had
  3. A full body oil massage (just 1 masseuse)
  4. A body salt scrub
  5. A soak in a tub full of flower petals and essential oils enjoyed with a cup of ginger tea and fresh fruit.
  6. A facial
  7. Mani/pedi
  8. Shampoo
  9. Conditioning treatment with 20 minute scalp massage
  10. Blow Dry (optional)
It was only as I was blissfully enjoying my walk home that I realized my room key was no longer in my pocket. Even as I had put it into my pocket this morning I thought "this pocket is too shallow for this big key," but did I move it??? Those of you who know me, know this is very typical of me, the losing things.

Not to fret, as I was in Bali, I continued on my walk to an organic juice cafe where I had a lovely unsweetened lassi and a seared tofu salad. Then I returned to Verona and they didn't have it. The people at Nick's Pension got me a new one and two days later Verona called to say they had the key.

I love it when things work out in the end.

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